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Foxfield Jack Russell Testimonials



Hi Sue,

We hope you and your family are doing well this Holiday Season. Positively the best thing of 2020 has been having our dog Annie Sue Brook with us the entire year. Since Annie joined our family 8/30/19 she has been a bundle of joy and fun energy. She has adapted to the never ending noise our apartment living in busy Brooklyn.

Together we have all explored throughout NY, SD, VA, MA, CT, AR, NC, FL, WI, TX, AZ, NY, WI, MI, MN, NJ, FL, and back to NYC. Along our travels she has ridden with many different modes of transport from air travel, busses, trains, automobiles, ferries, pontoons, bicycles, golf carts, trucks, mopeds, and subways. She likes swimming to retrieve a ball in freshwater lakes but not the ocean. However, our recent trip to visit family in Miami proved she has warmed up to playing near the braking waves of the ocean with other dogs.

Our family adores her! She has dog cousins in a Bernese Mountain Dog and a West Highland Terrier that she has been able to play with again and again. She has adults and children that look forward to her visits this coming Christmas. We’ve told numerous people in the neighborhood that adore her where we got her. She has made such an important impact on our lives these past 15 months and we wish to say thanks once again.

Best wishes,

Kent and Bianca Horn and Annie too




Dear Sue,

Thank you so much for Layla's son, Otto!  He is absolutely wonderful!  He is fitting right in at my house!   He is such a joy!  He is so sweet and happy, I often just sit, smiling, watching him play, run, chase, bark...   

Both my older Jacks avoided him and his puppy chasing games for 3 days.  Then I took him to the Vet for his microchip.  When I brought him home, they both ran over and checked him from head to foot to make sure he was OK.  They've been watching over him ever since.   

Thank you for making my puppy pick up so easy.  It was so nice to meet you and see your lovely terriers.  With you picking me up and taking me back to the airport, I did not ever feel rushed to make my flight.  You have the perfect kitchen for living with terriers in your home and hand raising your puppies!  I enjoyed my visit and sure loved meeting Layla.  She is just beautiful and I can see that Otto has her cool calm nature.  This sweet nature is not by accident, it's by your design!  Thank you for working so hard to create these beautiful dogs.    

Otto was an angel at the airport and went through security wagging his tail like he knew the lady with the wand.  He was totally silent the whole day.  Everyone we met just loved him.  He was happy, wagging his tail, when we got caught up in a 3 hour extended lay over at Baltimore/Washington DC International and I took him out of his carrier.    

Otto is such a blessing!  He has totally changed the atmosphere of my home!  He has brought us so much happiness.  He is making us feel young again! 

Thank you for everything,

BJ Andreas
Austin, Texas


Dear Sue,

I could write an essay on how much I love Gritty and we've only had him for four weeks.  I knew as soon as I opened his crate door after a 2 1/2 hour flight that he was awesome.  He walked out of his crate, tail wagging and happy to meet his new people.  After going to new places almost everyday, riding in the car, seeing new people, traffic, construction sites, hearing sirens, people riding bikes, joggers...I could go on and on...Gritty takes everything in stride.  His temperament is awesome.  He's a very observant puppy and so smart!  And Cutter loves him too!

After waiting and thinking about a puppy for a couple of years....I didn't know how much I needed him until he arrived.  Thank you for all the time and effort you devote to bringing great pups in the world.  

Peg :)


"After losing a once-in-a-lifetime dog, I called Sue to put my name on her waiting list. I couldn't give her any specific requests because all I would have done is describe the dog I lost. I said "just send me a GOOD dog".  Less than a month later, Sue delivered and I became "proud human" to Sprout.  Now I have the privelege of being owned by two once-in-a-lifetime dogs... all in the same lifetime."

Lora Popolizio


Hi Sue,

It's taken me almost three years to write you this letter, but when I stopped by a few weeks ago with my best friend who's getting a Foxfield Farm Terrier, I remembered all the good times we had matching me up with Tommy.
Things I've learned from Tommy, and I expect any lucky owner of a dog of yours would learn as well:

  • Greet people at the door as if you haven't seen them in years, even if it was only five minutes ago.
  • Go upstairs every night at ten and get into bed.
  • Sleep as long as you want.
  • When you play ball, play to win.
  • Learn to swim at an early age.
  • Know when to chill.
  • Always be kind to little children.
  • Be an awesome traveling companion- in the car, or on a plane, just by being mellow and adoreable.
  • Stretch. Downward dog/upward dog.
  • Read your (pe)e mail then move on.
  • No Ninja!
  • Consistently shower those you love with kisses.
  • Attract as much attention as you like by simply holding your head up high and strutting down the street.
  • Cuddle.
  • Protect your loved ones.
  • Eat two small meals a day. Who needs treats?
  • Always be exuberantly happy.
  • If Tommy had a thumb I'd be scared of him. Without a doubt he's the smartest, most alert and aware animal I've ever met.

Thanks for everything Sue. I'm going to keep on sending people to Bohemia!

Jeffrey Wolf
NYC & Sag Harbor


Hello Suzy,

Foxfield Jack Russell Terriers.I Look at your puppy page every week!  They are all so darn cute and lovable, Scout is THE BEST dog we have ever had.  She and Burke, my son, are inseparable.  They are so close, it is what keeps me from getting another.  I'm afraid it would mess up there dynamic duo relationship.  But Scout is clearly Burke's dog so in time, I will get another for me.  And of course we will contact you when we are ready.  Just wanted to share the update on how well this angel is doing.

 All the Best
~ Kelly, Burke and Scout 


Hi Suzy, 

Taras daughter, Annie, is charming all of us and growing in leaps and bounds.. She has a great capacity to play and a huge toy basket with lots of neat stuff. She loves to run in the yard with one of us sprinting alongside.  Good thing we're all in shape!

She has learned to come pretty well and should be easy to train. Annie will climb a pile of logs in the yard and navigate up and down easily. She is great  to travel with and has delighted kids and ladies at the stables that I go to. 

We have a busy household but Annie greets everyone with enthusiasm and loves to warm up on anyone's lap....  she is equally happy to meet other dogs but I have been careful with that exposure since she is just a pup.

Out hiking Annie trots along like a trooper on the leash. After a bit we put her in a bag and carry her for any hard climbs. 

We couldn't be happier with her disposition and athletic abilities.

THANK you for such a great dog !  Annie is off to some dressage stables today but with the rain she'll probably sleep in my blacksmith truck. We love her dearly!

All the best   
Bob and Leslie Leonard
New Jersey


Dear Sue,

KasjaWe want to thank you, for your dedication to breeding the most loving, snuggly, smart, happy, secure, outgoing puppies!
Our little Kajsa arrived to Minneapolis in early January and she has been a joy since day one!

She is now 13 weeks old and we have had her for 5 weeks. She has been house broken for the last 3 weeks and ONLY had 4 accidents before being trained!!!
She walks perfectly on a leash, happy to meet and play with other dogs and people!
She travels with us to Denver every other week and is perfect on the plane and at the airport, sleeping the time away!

When out for walks, we get stopped numerous times and people thinks she is the cutest thing they have ever seen!! They are right, she is!!!

We were cautious about getting a "Jack Russell", being told over and over by everyone that they were "crazy" and that we were "crazy" getting one....Well, they were ALL wrong and we are very thankful we have her in our lives and part of our family!!!

Again, it is thanks to Sue and her commitment to breeding excellent quality and temperament dogs!

Thank you, Sue!!!!
Kerstin and Keenen Dammen


Hi Sue,

We’ve been so busy and I haven’t had a chance to email you. I know you are so busy and all but I just had to email.  We have the  most amazing…gorgeous…smart…incredible Jack Russell terriers you could ever hope to own.

Cody is the most awesome puppy you could ever hope to bring home to your family.  He is so sweet and gentle and loving and smart and fun…..etc etc etc I could go on on and on…!!!!!! He loves Misty and Misty loves him.  They play all day…to the point where I have to put  Cody in his  crate to give him a break and let him sleep.  Misty loooooves him so much and I’ve never seen her act and play this way.

I can’t even express to you how much happiness you have given to our family.  Our 12 year old Jack Russell Casey dying suddenly this January was so unexpected and devastating.

I just wanted to tell you again how thankful we are that we met you and we have 2 of your dogs living with our family.

I’m including a few pics of these wonderful dogs…mainly sleeping!  I can’t hardly get pics of them playing as they are so crazy and busy!  But you know there is nothing sooooo cute as exhausted sleeping Jack Russells.

Thanks Again and I hope everything is good with you.
Lisa Forman


Dear Suzy,

Just a quick thank you from my wife and me for Cooper (formerly Jake). He is awesome. SO AWESOME. He is loving and sweet to everyone. He loves dogs, he loves kids, he loves us!
He is obedient and we love hanging out with him. He is so smart we only feel badly because we need to learn more stuff to teach him.

I don't know if behaviors change after 8 mos but everything people on the street volunteered to me and my wife about Jack Russell's has been wrong.(Is he crazy? Can he be aggressive? Do you need to run him around a ton to get the energy out?) He's not crazy. He is definitely not aggressive unless you consider licking an aggressive act. We run him around a bunch but he is fine napping a lot during the day as well. He is also great with other dogs.

Thank you so much --- more updates as the years pass but we had thought it had been a while since we connected and decided to drop you an email. This summer's adventures include lots of beach time for us and Coop so we are allreally excited to play with him out in the open spaces.



Hi Suzy,
I have been thinking of you each and every day this month because this is the month you sent Danny Boy to us.  I believe it was around the 20th.  It seems like yesterday that we picked him up at the airport and yet it seems like we have had him forever.  I must say that Danny has been perfect.  We cannot think of one thing that he has done wrong!!!!Everyone in town knows Dan.  He goes everywhere with us...Starbucks, drycleaners, icecream store.  He LOVES the car!! If he is not with us people are so disappointed but understand that he needs a nap now and then.  Dan and my Aussie are the best of friends and are partners in crime chasing squirrels, taking naps on our bed, or sharing an icecream cone.  I think Dan is a happy dog, well cared for and loved more than most.

Thanks again for giving him up.  I will send you a picture sometime soon.



Thanks Suzy,
Zoila (Gwendoyn) is doing great and we just can’t get enough of her. She hasn’t cried once, (which is a miracle) and I’ve got to say that I’ve never, in the many years of animal rescue, ever met a breeder quite as devoted to her animals as you seemed to me to be. I’ve always been able to gauge a person by how their animals behave around them, and I can tell they adore you. It was refreshing and uplifting to witness that. Thank you again for our little daughter.

Bryan and Chris
New York City


Dear Sue,

Thank You so much for being so kind and compassionate when our sweet Norfie passed away after so many happy years in our home. With some reservation I researched on the internet and that's when I found Foxfield Terriers. We were still heartbroken and grieving at the time, but your messages of comfort and support were very healing. Over our e-mails and phone conversations it felt like I had a friend but yet we had never even met in person!

When the time was right and when we were ready for a puppy you suggested that we consider having Chaps as our new companion. You were right on target. Chaps has made a wonderful addition to the family and I don't know what we love more, his intelligent, laid back temperament or his cuteness. He loves everyone he meets and everyone he meets loves him! Words just can't describe how he is adored by all.
He is also a very smart little guy. He has very easily learned the commands "look," "sit," "down," "stay," "off," "leave it," and "come." He just seems to do whatever I ask him to and he is very focused when performing these tasks. Our next goal is passing the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test, which I'm very confident that he will do well. Agility may even be an option sometime soon.

Sue, please feel free to have us as a reference anytime. I would assure anyone and everyone that you have the cutest and most laid back Jack Russell puppies ever.
Again, Thank You. The presence of our precious little Chaps in our home is truly a gift of life. We look forward to welcoming another Foxfield puppy into our home.

Ingrid & Dave
Rochester, N.Y.


Hi Suzy,
Dan says hi to all on the farm.  He is doing great.  He is so smart and is always willing to try anything we ask.  Lake Michigan and a nearby park are his favorite outings and he loves the water and swims with the big dogs.  He was so quiet when he first came and still is Mr. Manners but he and my Aussie have now bonded and play so many games that I don't get any work done watching them play.  I always want my dogs to enjoy whatever we do and I am certain Dan is having a good time.  Even on a leash he puts his tail up and trots by our sides next to his buddy very enthusiastic.  Everyone I meet adores Dan and comments how they have never seen a Jack Russell off leash and so mannerly.  He is a great little guy and we are so thankful to have him. 

Thank you.


Hi Suzy,
I just wanted to write and send you some updated pictures of my Sugrrr (your Candy). She is almost 5 months old now and is the best little dog I could have ever hoped for! I love her so much! I think she is probably as sweet as Honey and as playful as Barkley.
I can't get over how quickly she became housetrained and how smart she is. She is eating and sleeping well and overall seems very happy and healthy. And she just loves playing with other dogs. I have a "doggie daycare" nearby that she visits twice a week so she can play with some other puppies and the people just go crazy over her there. Everyone always makes a fuss over her and can't believe how cute and good she is.
I still visit your website regularly and hope to come visit your puppies again someday.
Thanks again for raising and selling me such a great little dog!

Cathy Lees
Lancaster, PA


Dear Sue,

Just a quick note to let you know that Milo (Nigel) is happily ensconced in his new home. He has been the perfect gentleman, getting the lay of the land, being subservient to the very spoiled and elderly Sophie, peeing and sometimes pooping outside while shivering, and cuddling with equal love and adoration with the whole family. He is a charmer. He definitely seems very calm and at home with his new surroundings.

Looking forward to warmer weather to bring him everywhere. His crate is in the hubbub of the kitchen and he likes it. We have ordered a pen like yours for the longer times that we are out of the house and for his safety. Otherwise, he is exploring the first floor with our guidance. Today, he heard my cello practicing for the first time and didn't know what to make of it! (Will used to sing along sometimes.) I will drop a line when possible to keep you updated on his progress. His calm transition to our home is a tribute to your outstanding care.

Thanks for our care package too.
Melissa Richardson


Dear Suzy
"Fudge is having a terrific time lately.. He has settled in so nicely and if you ever need a recommendation, please feel free to pass my email along to anyone.. I have never had such a quiet Jack Russell..  When he is placed in the crate for travel, he calms right down and sleeps, and same when I place him in his pen.. Not a fuss from him.. He is already climbing up the back stairs (supervised of course) and is loving romping outside in the afternoons as it has been a bit warmer lately..

I am gonna be doing a video of him since he is such a charmer.. Also debating on his name.. I like Fudge but not sure it works as well with Roscoe.. Trying out Dexter, Truman, Barney.. but nothing is sticking yet.."

Roseann L.

Sue, I would like to thank you for filling my heart with joy once again; you truly do make dreams come true one pup at a time.

I would like to tell my story, and quest, to ease the pain of the loss of my best friend of thirteen years "Addy", a Beagle, like no other. After a year of missing the companionship that a pet lends you, I decided it was time to fill the hole, in my heart, which Addy had left, through no fault of her own. After much research, it was decided that a Russell terrier would be the pet that would be asked to fill the shoes of that super Beagle. These would not be easy shoes to fill; you see I raised Beagles for thirty years under the kennel name of Ferrwood’s. I had judged many, many AKC trials, therefore my heart belonged to the merry little hound, but my age told me I needed something smaller requiring less maintenance and that was when I decided on the Russell terrier.

OK, I decided on the breed, now the decision was to find a breeder. That is where Google came into play, and the hundreds of hits I needed to decipher in my quest to find my next best friend. I emailed many breeders which I found via the search engine, most breeders never responded to my questions, and those that did were not friendly; it seemed like I was wasting their time except for one, Sue Sobel. Her response to my email touched my heart with her sincere concern for the loss of my buddy Addy. Let me be very clear; I didn’t know Sue at this time, nor had I ever met her at this point. But I knew she was a breeder that I wanted to learn more about because of her response to my email, and I have no regrets.

Sue assured me that she would supply me with a pup that was up to the task of filling the shoes that Addy left behind. I will be honest, I doubted that could be possible; I know how hard it is to breed temperament and other traits into a dog, and Addy had them all. However, Sue delivered on her promise with a little girl we named Foxfield’s Maddy. Maddy stole my heart from the first day I saw her; she is as sweet as they come. Of course she will never replace the love I had for my Beagle Addy. Maddy, however, is doing her best to try, and she is succeeding.

As for Suzy, she and I have become good friends, I highly recommend her if you are looking to fill a dream. Sue Sobel is the real deal, an animal lover like no other, a breeder of quality Russell terriers which I would highly recommend; she filled my dream with the sweetest little girl now known as Maddy, which loves me to death, as I do her. Thanks Suzy…for just being you!

Ferrwood’s Beagles
Myron Ervin
Drums, PA



My new best friend Michaela is everything I could have wanted in a puppy and so much more. That's all due to the expertise of Suzy Sobel. Its a pleasure to get to know Suzy and her dogs. She treats each puppy as a family member and provides the best possible environment for them to develope. You can trust Suzy. She always puts her dogs first and is an expert at getting the perfect fit for an owner and puppy. Her service is worth every penny because all details are taken care of for you and you can be assured that you will go home with a wonderful, healthy, well-adjusted puppy! I know that Suzy's interest and care for my puppy and others goes far beyond the initial sale and together we will continue to explore, enjoy and be mystified by these wonderful dogs for years to come.

Judy Venditto

New York City



Sue, Jessie and I would like to share with you the wonderful things that have happened to us now that Rex (a.k.a. Reeces Pieces) is a part of our family. Rex has given us much happiness and we are looking forward to many more joyful years to come. On the days I come home from work, he relieves my stress. Jessie gets her energy back whenever she sees Rex greeting her hello. He has only been with us for a week and one thing thats impresses me the most is his intelligence. He does his business on the wee pads and pays attention to words I say. He communicates with us when he wants to play or if he's hungry. On the 2nd day we had him he already learned his name and comes running to us everytime we call. He also learned basic commands like sit, stay and come. Besides being smart, Rex has become a celebrity in my neighborhood. He is very friendly to people and to other dogs. In fact, we get stopped every time we walk him because of his handsome look and calm temperment. People just want him !!! We just got back from the Vet and he told me that he is a very healthy dog. Your puppies are highly recommended by us! Sue, we thank you for bringing Rex into our life!

Carlo and Jessie

Bronx, NY



Sue, where to start about our first week with Lucy? From our first visit to Foxfield Farm to look for a "jack" for our daughter Susanne in California, we sensed that we had found the breeder for her and us. She eventually got Eli who she took back with her and who is the energizer, companion, and buddy her aging jack, Hercules, needed and who goes to work with her and him in Hollywood. We got Lucy last week and she is everything we wanted for us and Archie (our older jack), after we lost our Zoe in February, and he became noticeably lonely. Talk about personality and temperment...she's got them! We didn't know how Archie would react after being an only dog for about two months but her arrival took care of that. Even though his world has gotten a little more hectic he is learning to tolerate her and her companionship and presence were just what he needed. Lucy has the great combination of that wonderful jack bounce and is a sweet and affectionate lapdog for the quiet times. We love her as a puppy and go from not wanting her to ever grow up to not being able to wait to see what she'll look like grown up and how much fun that will be. As you told us, and we knew from raising four jacks, temperment is so important and, from our introduction to Lucy we are very comfortable and happy about our decision to get a Foxfield Jack Russell Terrier! We know our daughter Susanne feels the same way!

Bart and Judy Longo,

Gift Horse Farm



Being veterans of 3 Jack Russell Terriers over a 20 year period, we knew specifically what we were hoping to find, as well as not find in searching for a new addition to our family. Our main goal was to end up with a lovely companion with a wonderful easy going temperament that would still have the great qualities jacks are known for. From the first time we spoke with Sue, she assured us we would end up with the puppy that was right for us. Boy was she right! She listened to our needs, spent time talking and getting to know us, and welcomed us to visit her dogs. When we saw 7 of her dogs playing nicely with the barn cat, we knew immediately we were in the right place. Since birth, Sue kept us updated at every stage of the puppies development and helped us make an informed decision when choosing the right puppy. Now at 15 weeks old, our little "Josie" is exactly what we were looking for! Sweet, loving, good natured, very smart and quite the looker too! Sue really cares about her dogs and where they are going as much as the needs of future owners. I have recommended her several times and will contnue to as people always ask us where to get a dog just like Josie! If and when our girl gets a little brother we know he will come from Foxfield Farm. Thank you for everything Sue!

Jeff Fields

Joe Nahem,

New York City/East Hampton



I can't say enough about Suzy, her fabulous Jack Russell Terriers, and the immaculate horse farm she keeps in Bohemia, Long Island. I was accompanying a friend who was looking for a Jack Russell puppy the day I first visited Foxfield Farm. I was so very impressed by Suzy's adorable, affectionate and well mannered little dogs that I knew I had found the perfect canine match for my own family! Suzy kept me informed almost daily while I waited for Coco's litter to be born and grow old enough to take home our gorgeous little male. Suzy has even remained available for "training support" in the months since. We love our Foxfield puppy and at 5 months can already see evident the wonderful disposition and calm temperament that is core to Suzy's breeding program.

Ellen, Long Island, NY



We are so thrilled with our healthy, sweet, adorable puppy ! Suzy was a pleasure to deal with, graciously answering our numerous questions and being flexible to our changing preferences. The puppies are raised in a loving, clean and well prepared home---which shows in their behavior and ease in adjusting. All of Suzy's dogs have a very nice temperment!

Meryl and Elisa



Suzy has a true understanding and affection for dogs, she cares strongly for each one of her puppies and makes sure they go to the right home. I felt very comforted by Suzy's caring about my having the right puppy and I found him in Billy. He's sweet, playful, affectionate and so smart! He wags his tail at the whole world and people smile at him along the street. I feel Suzy knew we'd hit it off and I am truly grateful!


New York City



The first time I talked to Suzy on the phone I knew I wanted a puppy from her. Her dedication to choosing dogs with only the best temperment and her love of the breed was clear from our first conversation. Then I went to see her dogs and I fell in love. Every "Foxfield" Jack Russell is a gem. Sweet, lovable and ready for fun! The love and attention she gives her dogs makes for excellent puppies,they are full of love and ready for their new families. I have a puppy from Suzy now and I am head over heels! She is sweet and easy going and adorable! I am forever grateful that I found Suzy and her wonderful Jacks!

Pam D.
New York




We can't thank you enough for bringing "Chloe" into our lives. She is exactly what we wanted in a Jack Russell and more! Laid back, lovable, and cute as a button. You truly know your dogs and it shows. We would recommend you to anyone looking for a great Jack Russell!

Millie and Larry
New Jersey



Dear Sue,

I can't thank you enough for helping us find our new best friend. Muffin is a delight and part of our family already. Not only is she beautiful, her personality is so sweet, a definite lap dog. We get compliments from people, everytime we bring out.

Happy and in love,

New Jersey




Meghan is the BEST puppy we have ever had! She is so smart, affectionate, and just an angel. She's the talk of the neighborhood and all the kids love her! She's so good with them, what a disposition! Thanks so much for spending the time with us when we came to visit you and your beautiful dogs. It made our decision so easy after seeing how happy yours are and the wonderful start they all get!


Nancy and Rob

"THANK YOU!" so much for all the kind words! Sue and Richie Sobel.